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Consulate General of India
New York

Emergency Contact Number FOR Consular Services - Consulate General of India, New York

In order to cater to the needs of the Diaspora and deliver more efficient Consular Services, Consulate General of India, New York has introduced 24/7 Emergency Helpline/contact Number.

Applicants who require any Consular Emergency Services for issue of Travel documents may contact us at "917-476-2702". The Consulate will make every effort to accommodate Emergency requests provided correct and adequate documentation is submitted by the applicant and necessary data is available in our database.

It may please be noted that this is an Emergency Contact Number and not a call Center number.It is not possible to respond to routine enquiries on this Number.Routine queries/requests for information should be addressed to the general Consular Helpline. Phone no. during office hours are 212-774-0635 and e-mail - helpline@indiacgny.org

Mr. Sandeep Chakravorty Consul General

Tel : 1-212-774-0622, cg.newyork@mea.gov.in

Mr. Vivek Pandey, Personal Assistant to CG

Tel: 1-212-774-0622, cg.newyork@mea.gov.in

Ms. Uma Devi, Social Secretary to CG

Tel: 1-212-774-0621, cgo@indiacgny.org

Mrs. Paramita Tripathi, Deputy Consul General

Tel: 1-212-774-0628, dcg.newyork@mea.gov.in

Mrs. Sachetna Snehi, Personal Assistant to DCG

Tel: 1-212-774-0600, dcg.newyork@mea.gov.in

Mr. L. T. Ngaihte, Consul & HOC (Press, Info., Culture & Community Affairs), Appellate authority for RTI

Tel: 1-212-774-0600, hoc.newyork@mea.gov.in

Mr. L. Krishnamurthy, Consul CPV(Consular, Passport, Visa & OCI)

Tel: 1-212-774-0600, cons.newyork@mea.gov.in

Mr. K. Devadasan Nair, Consul (Community Affairs)

Tel: 1-212-774-0600, consulca.newyork@mea.gov.in

Mr. Sandeep Grover, Vice Consul(Admin, Estt, DDO) & CPIO for RTI

Tel: 1-212-774-0600, vca.newyork@mea.gov.in

Mrs. Neelam Arora, Vice Consul (OCI)

Tel: 1-212-774-0600, ocipio.newyork@mea.gov.in

Mr. Bala Dutt, Assistant Consular Officer(Visa)

Tel: 1-212-774-0600, visa@indiacgny.org

Mrs. Suman Bala, Assistant Consular Officer (Passport)

Tel: 1-212-774-0600, passport@indiacgny.org

Mr. Devvart Chakravorthy, Assistant Section Officer (Estt & Protocol)

Tel: 1-212-774-0600, vcprotocol@indiacgny.org

Mr. Rudra Dutt Upadhyay, Senior Secretariat Assistant

Tei: 1-212-774-0600, tatkal@indiacgny.org

Mr. Himanshu Pant, Accountant

Tel: 1-212-774-0600 

Mr. Shyam Lal, Security Assistant

Tel: 1-212-774-0600



Visitors coming to the Consulate for meeting with the Consulate officials will need prior appointment with the officials concerned and come with written proof of confirmation of meeting.


For enquiries at the Consulate, please contact 
Consulate General of India
3 East 64th Street (Between 5th and Madison Avenues)
New York, NY 10065
Tel: (212) 774-0600 
Fax: (212) 861-3788

Fax: 2125709581(for visa and passport clearance).

All queries including those related to Passport/Visa/OCI should be addressed to the Helpline:

Helpline Tel: 212-774 0635.
Email :helpline@indiacgny.org

Tatkal Service for Passports

Since Visa, OCI, Renunciation and renewal of Passport services have been outsourced to Cox and Kings Global Services Pvt. Ltd., all information on this may be seen at www.in.ckgs.us (for Visa, OCI, Renunciation) and www.passport.in.ckgs.us (for passport) and all enquiries on this should only be made at :

For Visa, OCI and Renunciation Services
Cox and Kings Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
2nd Floor, 235 West,
23rd Street, New York-10011,
Website: www.in.ckgs.us
Enquiries: Click Here
Contact No.   646-589-0088&
For Passport Services
Cox and Kings Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
5th floor, 336 West, 37th Street,
New York 10018,
Website: www.passport.in.ckgs.us
Email: passportusa@ckgs.com
Call Centre: 213 213 5019
(Open Mon-Fri : 9am to 6pm EST     

Address: Consulate General of India, 3 East 64th Street
(Between 5th and Madison Avenues), New York, NY 10065.

Working hours: 0900 hours to 1730 hours (Monday to Friday)
Telephone Numbers: (212) 774-0600
Fax Number: (212) 861-3788
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